Monitoring Your Property… At Your Convenience

Owner Portal

PCF Management Inc.’s owner portal on the PCF website makes checking on your rental property easy and efficient. You have real-time, secure access to any information that you need about your property and, as always, still have 24/7 access to your PCF Management Team. Go to www.pcfmanagement.com and click on the Login Icon on the home page to monitor your rental property. In this section of the website you will find the following:

Owner Statements

The owner statement is designed to communicate the finances of your property portfolio in a streamlined manner.It displays the general profitability of your portfolio including previous balance, income, expenses (including management fees), and rent charges. You can check your statement monthly to find out when your last rental check was written and it’s amount.

Work Orders

You will be able to instantly view all the work orders (ex: HVAC maintenance call) for your property so you can quickly and easily monitor the work being completed by your PCF Maintenance Team. Each work order shows the scheduled date of the work, estimates the length of time it will take to complete the task, describes the work to be completed, provides an estimated cost, and shows the completion date for the work.


This feature allows you to access all the bills and bill payments for the expenses recorded against your property or portfolio of properties. If applicable, you can view scanned copies of vendor invoices. Monitoring your rental property is as easy as logging in to the PCF Management website at www.pcfmanagement.com or calling your PCF Management Team at 410.480.5200. If you are interested in hiring PCF Management to manage your property, call us today at 410.480.5200.

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